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Vectr Ventures
Early Stage Fund + Studio

We partner with globally-minded passionate entrepreneurs  creating innovative and disruptive products and businesses. We strive to be the ideal partner for founders looking to expand into Asia.

Old & New Guard

We provide education and networking opportunities for corporates and startups alike.

Learn from the Best

Get connected with our network of established mentors and entrepreneurs globally.

Ignite Value

Unlock value by discovering synergies from new products and technologies.

Open Innovation
VC Fund + Studio

We invest and work alongside our partners to create value in APAC.


“A quantity with both magnitude and direction.”

Our Team

We strive to have open communication and forge deep relationships with courageous entrepreneurs.  We believe that trust and support are essential in creating transformational products and businesses.

  • Alan Chan

Alan Chan
Managing Partner

Alan is responsible for driving strategic growth and investments direction for the firm. He is excited by businesses and products that can irreversibly propel the old guard into the future. Alan studied Political Science, Philosophy and Economics at Duke University. In 2006 he started in Goldman Sachs focusing on Asian financial institutions then co-founded and sold iPiao (China ticketing platform) between 2009 and 2014. He also currently sits on the board of ITC Properties and Burcon Nutrascience. Alan is a passionate athlete and sports fan who will openly defend the Blue Devils and Arsenal anytime + anywhere.

  • Arthur Law

Arthur Law
General Partner

Arthur is focused on the firm’s operations and developing the firm’s network. He is dedicated to enforcing the firm’s edge through creating and discovering impactful connections at both business and personal levels. Arthur received his B.A. in International Business at Loyola Marymount University and his MBA at the University of San Francisco. Upon graduation in 2008, he started and sold two small businesses in the Bay Area and returned to Hong Kong to assist the family real estate business in multiple functions. Arthur is a die hard SF Bay Area sports fan and an exceptional trash talker of any sports team unfortunately located in the southern part of California. He will also bring this trash talk into any competition and try to back it up the best he can.

  • Adrian Chan

Adrian Chan

Adrian is a lifetime technologist as well as the firm’s eyes and ears in China. He is amazing at making sense of business and cultural gaps between the outside world and China. Not knowing the exact ins and out of everything while operating in and out of china maybe the key to finding the right opportunities to engage in exploring around china. As patent holder and Outstanding Achievement Award Winner from BigBlue, it seems navigating the Chinese business landscape may takes every bit of, if not more, innovation to decode than creating technology.

  • Collin Thompson

Collin Thompson
VP, Community

Collin is a business designer and product manager focused on connecting the firm’s network of entrepreneurs, corporate partners and investors with engaging experiences, events and opportunities. His strategic focus is working with entrepreneurs, where his product and innovation experience applies, to build market-transforming companies. Collin is a graduate of the Harvard Business School (PLD 18)

  • Matt Brick

Matt Brick
VP, Creative

Matt is dedicated to helping brands and products reach their full potential through their experience design (UX) and communication strategies. Having nearly two decades of experience leading teams and working with companies from all over the globe, Matt’s background is vast and varied. Matt studied consumer behavior and social sciences at Duke University before joining the Bay Area’s thriving startup scene in the late 90s. Since then, Matt has gone on to lead several multinational UX projects and global creative teams. He has also worked as a private UX design consultant through his own companies in London and Hong Kong. Matt’s lifetime passion for playing guitar has led to him playing in rock bands on the stages of several of the world’s biggest music metropolises. Today he can often be found DJ’ing his beloved genre of house music in many of Hong Kong’s underground bars and clubs.

  • Danny Siu

Danny Siu
VP, Technology

Danny leads the in-house development of tools that connect our team and community.  He is also the resident hacker helping portfolio companies solve tech problems.

Our Portfolio

Digital Media
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Open Innovation Studio

More Than a VC…

We build networks and experiences to elevate knowledge and value for corporates and startups

Demo Days

We bring together the latest technologies and companies from the around the region

Innovation Chats

We explore technology trends and breakthroughs with both implementation and investment future in mind

Open Source Brain Trust

Curated events, socials, workshops and more. We bring people together and let the rest take care of itself

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